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Expert Counseling

Keeping in mind your individual preferences,but also the professional market scenario, we want to help you to make the best career choice. We provide in depth personal guidance to help you in choosing the right university course based on your profile, your financial constraints, your future aspirations and – of course – your interests and personality.

Application Services

We will give special attention to your application, highlighting the areas that are essential for a successful application.We also assist with references and the all-important‘Statement of Purpose’. Our regular follow ups with the Universities result in a positive and quick response.Reviewing your Admission final application before submission to college/University is very important as it will the final chance to analyse your application file.

Scholarship Assistance

Universities offer a range of funding opportunities to help international students. We support our students in getting the most appropriate scholarship for studying abroad. Funding information is generally available on institutions’‘Scholarships and Funding’ pages. We can provide information about scholarships and other help to students.It is also possible to contact the department in which you will be studying, to find out aboutany availability of potential scholarships there.We provide complete information about various scholarships offered by different Universities for our students.

Education Loan Assistance

With the increasing annual feestructure, some good quality education can be difficult for a student. Moreover, many more students have the desire to go abroad to study for an international degree.We provide excellent guidance and education consultancy services.Every country and every bank have different rules and regulations for applying for an education loan.
We have partnerships with third party service providers who can help you to prepare documents and will guide you throughout the filing process untildisbursement . (This service is optional please ask our expert counsellor in advance if you are interested in this service)


Visa Assistance

We can assist students in the processing of visa applications. A visa file prepared expertly can successfully result in a quick and easy solution.Our Visa Consultant team has vast experience and can guide you in obtaining the visa documents required. Our advice is simple and accurate and you never needto worry about the process.