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Meet Jose, our Agent for Spain & North Africa

I was born and raised in Seville, Spain. After finishing compulsory school, I enrolled at a

vocational training course in business studies, and afterwards I joined the University of Seville for Business Administration Studies.

Eventually, I dropped out of university and proceeded to work. At the time, I didn’t speak any English and couldn’t do so until I was 28. I started to learn the language through an intensive home course, through the use of a CD, over a month long period. I had always wanted to go on a University exchange, however, I thought that I was already too old to do something like this.

Nevertheless, when I turned 31, I decided to travel to Cambridge for a year in order to learn English at an advanced level (C1). Once I arrived, I started working for two companies, where I cleaned and did hospitality for about 80 to 90 hours a week.

After three months, a friend of mine in Cambridge informed me about World Study Solutions. I met Gianfranco Cuccaro, Head of International Services, and he was really helpful. He supported me in my effort to join Anglia Ruskin University to continue the degree that I hadn’t finished at the University of Seville.

This was a three-year degree in International Business Management. While my English skills were still at an Upper Intermediate (B2) level, I was lucky enough to find a job as a Business Office Administrator. At the end of my time living in England, my skill set had vastly improved and I was speaking at an advanced level.

Following this period, I found a job in Brussels, Belgium, working for the European Commission as a Financial Officer. I continued to work here for nine years, until the end of 2019, in order to come back to Seville, Spain.

I can say that the twelve years I lived abroad have been the best years of my life, by far. It was a trip full of learning, adventures, experiences, travels, and meeting interesting people from around the world! Travelling is one of my passions! Since 2006 I have visited over 40 countries and I’m always looking to explore even more.

Currently, I work for World Study Solutions as an International Studies Consultant and I advise anyone at any age to go abroad to learn languages, study at a school, or achieve a university degree. I guarantee you will not regret it at all! Come to World Study Solutions and let us advise you and, also, give you any detailed information you may need.

If you are from Spain and looking for courses in the UK then Jose Felix can assist you with all your questions. Having studied here in the UK he is a great person to ask about courses from English language to college and University.

You can contact him here:

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