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Why study English in Cambridge, England?

With two universities and so many great language schools and colleges to choose from you are spoilt for choice when it comes to learning English in Cambridge. Studying English in Cambridge offers several distinct advantages, as the city is renowned for its academic excellence, literary heritage, and intellectual environment. Here are some reasons why studying English in Cambridge can be particularly beneficial: Prestigious academic institutions: Cambridge University is globally recognised as a leading academic institution with a long-standing tradition of excellence. Its English department is highly regarded, attracting renowned scholars and providing access to exceptional resources and faculty members. Studying English in Cambridge means being part of a prestigious academic community that fosters intellectual growth. Literary heritage: Cambridge has a rich literary history and has been associated with influential writers, poets, and thinkers throughout the centuries. Notable figures such as William Wordsworth, Sylvia Plath, and Rupert Brooke have been associated with Cambridge. Studying English in Cambridge allows you to immerse yourself in this literary heritage and draw inspiration from the city's intellectual legacy. Extensive library collections: Cambridge University Library is one of the largest and most important libraries in the world. It houses a vast collection of books, manuscripts, and rare documents, providing unparalleled resources for research and study. Intellectual environment: Cambridge is known for its stimulating intellectual environment. The city is home to numerous colleges, each with its own distinct character and academic community. Engaging in discussions and debates with fellow students and scholars fosters intellectual growth and encourages a deeper understanding of English language and literature. Cultural activities and events: Cambridge offers a vibrant cultural scene with a variety of literary and artistic events. The city hosts literary festivals, poetry readings, theatre performances, and art exhibitions throughout the year. These events provide opportunities to engage with the broader literary and artistic community, gain insights from experts, and explore different facets of the English language and literature. Inspirational surroundings: Cambridge's beautiful architecture, historic colleges, and picturesque landscapes create an inspiring setting for studying English. The city's tranquil courtyards, riverside walks, and green spaces provide a peaceful and conducive atmosphere for learning, reflection, and creative thinking. For those passionate about English language and literature, studying in Cambridge can offer an unparalleled educational experience in an intellectually stimulating and culturally rich environment.

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