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Adult Students

Start your academic journey with WSS.

Information and Advice

We provide detailed information about educational institutions, courses, programs, and the application process in various countries. We offer guidance on choosing the right course and institution based on a student’s academic goals, budget and career aspirations.

Language School Assistance

Whatever language you want to student our team we can help you. We have language schools throughout the world and work with thousands of accredited schools offering top quality language training. We offer language training in many countries including England, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Italy and the USA.

University Admission Assistance

Our team will help the student with the application process, ensuring that all required documents, including transcripts, test scores, and letters of recommendation, are submitted correctly and on time. We can also assist in preparing a compelling personal statement or essay.

Visa and Immigration Support

Through the school, college or university we will guide students through the complex visa application and immigration process. They help students prepare the necessary documentation, such as visa applications, financial statements, and sponsor letters, and ensure that they meet the requirements of the host country’s immigration authorities.

Pre-Departure Services

Before any WSS student travels abroad, our team will provide information about accommodation, transportation, and what to expect in terms of cultural differences. We can also organize pre-departure orientations to help students prepare for their new environment.

Financial Guidance

Our team can offer advice on financial matters, including tuition fees, living costs, and scholarship opportunities. They can help students understand their budget and plan their finances accordingly.

Language Support

For students whose native language is not the language of instruction, we can provide language training options or suggest language schools to improve their language skills.

Travel Arrangements

WSS can assist with booking flights and transportation to the host country. We can help students find the most cost-effective and convenient travel options.

Post-Arrival Support

After students arrive in the host country, unlike most agents often continue to provide support. This may include assistance with orientation programs, helping students get acclimated to their new environment, and addressing any initial challenges including academic issues.

Crisis Management

In case of academic emergencies or unforeseen issues WSS can offer guidance and help students find appropriate solutions.

Career Guidance

Some agents provide career counselling and job search support to students nearing the end of their studies. They help students explore post-graduation employment opportunities in the host country or elsewhere.

Maintaining Relationships

WSS maintain relationships with both the students and the educational institutions after they start their course. This allows for WSS to act as a liaison between the student and the institution if any issues arise during the course of study.





With over 20 years experience we know what is needed when it comes to student applications. That is why our team is waiting ready to help you start your academic journey today. 

International student

We can help you study in the following countries:







The Netherlands









With our network of advisors around the world we are able to offer students wherever they are from tailored academic advice. Being based in Cambridge, England, we have also have a unique insight into the local educational landscape and can provide valuable advice to students considering studying in the UK.


Cambridge, England.
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