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World Study Solutions has a new Agent in Brazil!

Congratulations to Rogerio Boueri on becoming an Agent for World Study Solutions in Brazil.

Rogerio was born in Brazil, but has been living within the UK for the last seven years. He has recently returned to his home country to pursue his ambitions as an agent and help students from Brazil study abroad, learn English, and receive higher education from some of the top universities in the world.

Rogerio is fluent in several languages including Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, and English. He learned English while living in London, England, in 2018 over the course of six months at an English Language School. He then proceeded to work in finance in the big city! 

World Study Solutions had previously helped Rogerio’s brother start a PhD in Cambridge. Seeing the positive impact that WSS had made on his Brother’s life inspired Rogerio - “I thought that I could help more people around the globe with WSS to make their dreams come true that little bit easier!”

Over the next six months, Rogerio hopes that he can connect with as many students as possible in Brazil and share the experiences he’s had while living in the UK. He hopes to inspire people to follow their dreams and make sure that they are supported each step of the way.

Well done Rogerio! We wish you lots of success moving forward and can’t wait to see how you can help support young people across the world. We’re truly confident in your capabilities and know that you’ll help us as much as we endeavor to help you. 

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